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Sound Tax Consulting-From the simple to the complex, corporate or personal, self-employed to W-2 employee, we have done it all and we can now help you with your tax planning and preparation.

We have a process that thousands of individuals and businesses have followed; it is straight forward and respectful, and at the end you will get more and pay less.

We will have the knowledge and experience to prepare current and past due tax returns and amend tax returns for Individuals, Self-employed, Partnerships, Corporations, Trusts, or Estates.


We are a different tax preparation firm than you are use to: 


  • You will get personalized service, communication with the individual preparing your return.  Your tax returns will not be farmed out to seasonal-temporary office help or a new assistant with little or no experience.


  • Our fees don’t go up every year no matter what.  Many times our fees will go down the second year, since it often takes us less time the second to prepare the return.   We prepare returns 12 months a year so we don’t over-charge (or need to) like many tax preparation firms during the three months of tax season.


  • We have a very unique Tax knowledge DNA.  Our firm works with the IRS and State tax authorities everyday representing individuals and businesses that have come to us for help (their tax preparer didn’t have the experience) with an audit or a tax liability. This experience and knowledge provides you with invaluable guiding force in preparing your returns and protecting you.


  • We prepare returns for your benefit not for ours.   Many years ago the senior partner of a local midsize CPA firm boasted that none of his individual or business clients had ever been audited.  Seems like an accomplishment until you realize that the statistical chance of zero audits for all his clients was nil, unless the returns were prepared so ultra conservative that IRS was actually benefitting from their preparation.  Result-all his clients are over paying the IRS to protect the firm. 


  • Planning, planning, planning, saves you money. Our goal is to help you or your business grow.  Is it time for you to change from a sole proprietorship to a LLC or S-Corp?   Is your LLC benefiting you?  Have you outgrown your LLC or S-Corp?


  • Respect-you are our client.  You are encouraged to call and email with questions or concerns, you are not an interruption, but the reason we exist.  


  • You can grow with us.   Many individual and business tax clients have outgrown their tax preparer. We can help you to the next level and beyond.

Are you overpaying for tax return preparation?

Indications that you are over paying :


  • You have not talked with your “tax guy or gal” about your taxes for years other than sending in your tax information each year.


  • You have not received a second opinion or fee estimate on your tax matters in the last three years or longer.


  • He/she farmed you out years ago to office rookie and the only time you hear from him/her is when you get the bill.


  • Your bill has gone up every year no matter how organized you are.


  • They send you a bill with little or no detail on why/how it was determined. 


  • You get little or no in-person time with your tax guy/gal. 


  • You get the “attitude” when you ask questions.  


  • Your tax guy or gal is never in or available to talk to you.



Call us to discuss your tax matters, you may like paying less and getting more.


Call us to discuss your tax matters, you may like paying less and getting more.

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