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Alabama Dept. of Revenue  
Alaska Dept. of Revenue  
Arizona Dept. of Revenue  
Arkansas Dept. of Finance and Administration, Revenue Division  
California Franchise Tax Board  
Colorado Dept. of Revenue  
Connecticut Dept. of Revenue Services  
Delaware Revenue Division  
District of Columbia, Office of Chief Financial Officer  
Florida Dept. of Revenue  
Georgia Dept. of Revenue  
Hawaii Dept. of Taxation  
Idaho State Tax Commission  
Illinois Dept. of Revenue  
Indiana Dept. of Revenue  
Iowa Dept. of Revenue and Finance  
Kansas Dept. of Revenue  
Kentucky Revenue Cabinet  
Louisiana Dept. of Revenue and Taxation  
Maine Revenue Services  
Maryland Comptroller of the Treasury  
Massachusetts Department of Revenue
Michigan Department of Treasury  
Minnesota Department of Revenue  
Mississippi Department of Revenue  

Missouri Dept. of Revenue  
Montana Dept. of Revenue  

Nebraska Dept. of Revenue  
Nevada Dept. of Taxation  
New Hampshire Dept. of Revenue Administration  
New Jersey Division of Taxation  
New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Dept.  
New York Dept. of Taxation and Finance  
North Carolina Dept. of Revenue
North Dakota Office of State Tax Commission  
Ohio Dept. of Taxation  
Oklahoma Tax Commission

Oregon Department of Revenue  
Pennsylvania Dept. of Revenue  
Rhode Island Division of Taxation  
South Carolina Dept. of Revenue  
South Dakota Dept. of Revenue  
Tennessee Dept. of Revenue  
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts  
Utah State Tax Commission  
Vermont Dept. of Taxes  
Virginia Dept. of Taxation  
Washington State Dept. of Revenue  
West Virginia Dept. of Tax and Revenue  
Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue  
Wyoming Dept. of Revenue

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