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Tax Abatement Penalties

Tax Abatement of Tax Penalties – Stop Unfair Penalties
Find out if you qualify?


First, contact us to find out if you qualify for a Penalty Abatement, we will carefully review facts and circumstances of your tax liability with you, then we will discuss your options with you based upon the know facts.  You will not be told if you qualify if the facts clearly indicate that filing a Penalty Abatement would be a waste of your time and money.

Second, if you qualify for filing a Penalty Abatement we will work to eliminate or reduce your penalties– it can be a Dramatic Reduction of your tax liability! Your STC Tax team experts will prepare all the forms and represent you throughout this complex process of filings and negotiations with the IRS or State.

Contact us to find out if you qualify for a Penalty Abatement at 206-633-6089 or complete the Contact form.

In many cases, the penalties and interest imposed against individuals and businesses can exceed the amount of the alleged tax at issue and be financially catastrophic for the taxpayer or business.

If you have been assessed, or have paid a tax penalty and believe you have circumstances that deserve evaluation and discussion, then you owe it to yourself to consult with our firm immediately.

While there are typically many options for seeking the abatement or refund of penalties assessed or paid, there can be time deadlines which must be met to preserve your rights and protect your claim for a refund. As with most tax matters, time usually works against taxpayers and the tax laws are generally written to give the government an advantage.



How do I find out if I qualify?
Call us; we will discuss the circumstances of your tax liability.  You will be surprised to learn the variety of circumstances that the IRS will consider.  You also may be shocked to learn that we may tell you that will save money and frequently we offer self-help solutions. 


The TV Tax Ad’s claim they can eliminate everyone’s Penalties and Interest.
Is it true?  
Most of these claims are false.  Those tax companies are over charging people and telling callers what they wanted to hear, this practice is unethical and hurts those who are most vulnerable and can’t afford to waste their money.


Can any tax firm guarantee the outcome?
Just like the filing of an Offer In Compromise with the IRS, no firm can legally or ethically guarantee the outcome. The firms who are making these claims have the guarantees shrouded in tricky legal wording so the end result is no guarantee at all.  You should only proceed once you understand the risks, rewards, and reasoning on why you may have an opportunity.

At no cost or obligation to you, receive a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION by calling us at 206-633-6089 You can also fill out an email form by clicking here but we suggest you take the quickest path towards your solution by calling. Take advantage of the 1-on-1 level of support that only a phone call can offer.
It's your first step to putting your tax problems behind you. Don't let worries of dealing with the IRS or State you into taking no action at all ... Get Help Now!


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