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We help people burdened with tax problems from the State and IRS everyday, but don't take our word for it ... read what our clients have had to say about our tax relief services ...



They wanted ALL of their money, RIGHT AWAY … October 4, 2006


In 2001, I made a carreer change that also changed my tax filing status from a company employee (W-2) to an independant contractor (1099). This means that I was now responsible for saving part of my income in order to make quarterly payments to the IRS. Well, I was enjoying this new income that wasn’t being taxed (yet), and all along...


In 2001, I made a carreer change that also changed my tax filing status from a company employee (W-2) to an independant contractor (1099). This means that I was now responsible for saving part of my income in order to make quarterly payments to the IRS. Well, I was enjoying this new income that wasn’t being taxed (yet), and all along , I had every entention of making my tax obligations. It just seemed that something would always come up that I would rather spend the money on. “I will start next month,” I would say to myself, and “next month” never got here. This went on for about five years without a word from the IRS. Then, I finally decided to do something about it, and quickly learned that I was so far into deabt to the government that I might not ever recover (penalties and interest add up FAST!). I filed my returns and tried dealing with it on my own, but I was no match for my debtors. They wanted ALL of their money, RIGHT AWAY…..and if I didn’t have it, they were going to take everything I brought in until it was paid for.

Then I surfed the web to learn more about my rights, and in doing so, I came across numerous sites were companies claiming to have the solution. I responded to a few of them and soon found myself speaking to several “used car salesman” like personalities who were promising to reduce my liabilities to “PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR”. They immediately made me uncomfortable and I was quick to end the conversations (thank god). Then I got a call from Jeff, at IRS & State Tax relief Associates. I knew instantly that he was different from the ones previous. He answered only the questions that he could respond to honestly, saving the rest for when he was familiar with my case. I decided to move foward by obtaining his services and I know now it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I left it all up to him and his associates and they really came through. Not only did they get the levy lifted, but they negotiated a monthly installment plan that is easy for me to pay. It was honestly like a breath of fresh air. I can once again sleep through the night and focus on what it is that I do best, rather than constantly worrying about what might happen to me and my family.

If there is anyone in a similar situation, I would certainly give Jeff a call. These guys are professional, respectful, they follow up, they take pride in what they do, and best of all…..they care.

Corpus Christi, Texas



Accepted Offer in Compromise

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to everyone at IRS/State



Tax Relief Associates who has helped in getting my tax issues resolved with the IRS. I decided to go with your company after speaking to several other companies about my situation. You offered me the personal attention that I needed to feel secure in making this decision.


You told me how much money I could expect to pay for your services and what I could be expected to pay to the IRS. My case was settled for a percentage of what I owed including your fees. I have been completely satisfied with the service that I have received and the outcome of my case with the IRS. I would most definitely recommend you in the future to anyone that I know in need of assistance.


Tammy P.
Dallas, TX



Filed 8-Years of Past Tax Returns



I was classified as a non-filer, I had not filed my Federal income tax in 8-years. I was wishing the problem away, every so often I would receive a letter from the IRS reminding me about one of the years that I had not filed for. As time went on the letters got more intimidating, talking about levies, seizures and the like.


When I came home I dreaded going to the mailbox, or worse yet, my wife beat me there to get the mail that day. I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking of this looming issue. I really wanted to be in compliance, but this problem had metastasized to great big problem. My positive outlook on life was being squelched by this issue; every aspect of my life was being impacted. What if my employer got a letter about me from the IRS? What if my bank account was seized? All these thoughts and others would fill my mind through the day.


As the demanding letters from the IRS were giving me strict deadlines, I needed help! I called around seeking help.


When I called IRS/State Tax Relief Associates, I got a different approach from them.we covered everything regarding my situation. I had a plan of action for resolution, what an awesome feeling that was! I immediately began to work on my part that I was responsible for, not filing for 8-years did leave a bit of work for me to do! One of the most impressive things was this; Jeff & Ai Ling were true to their word. They stood by me every step of the way; they did everything 100% on time with no excuses! Their follow up was excellent! We had some tight timelines as far as the IRS was concerned. For me at that vulnerable time in my life, their commitment to supporting me was real reassuring!


As I write this letter, I am compliant with my federal income tax, like me, you to can be invited to the February club, this is a place where you file your taxes for the current year on time! I am looking forward to doing that this year!


Steve S.
Seattle, WA



Released Levy and Got Her Paycheck Back!



Ai Ling & Jeff:


I just received a copy of the release of levy from my HR department. You are the GREATEST!.


Thank you so much for your assistance with this matter. I really appreciate your help. Your efforts have taken a huge burden off my shoulders .

Thanks again, you are the BEST




Legal Department
Chicago, Illinois




Wow! Levy Released, Filed Missing Returns, Refund from IRS of $7,000



I had neglected to file my tax returns for several years, and the IRS subsequently issued a levy of my wages. The levy stated that I owed over $9,000. After I recovered from the panic attack, I contacted IRS/State Tax Relief Associates, Inc., who had only three days to "bail me out". Miraculously, they did it! The levy was released and, surprisingly, the IRS now owes me a refund of over $7,000. I have been in total peace knowing the IRS nightmare is resolved. The representatives of Tax Relief Associates have literally given me my life back.


Thanks, Tax Relief Associates, for such awesome service!


Hospital Worker
Los Angeles, CA



Quick Response, Levy Release, Filed Missing Returns



We were receiving threatening letters from the IRS. These were both intimidating and stressful at once. We tried to resolve our tax matters with a local branch of a national chain (H&R Block) without success. Feeling we had nothing to lose, we searched the web & found IRS/State Tax Relief Associates. They were fantastic! With a quick call back from Jeff LaBonte, he calmed us down and explained that this was their strong suit, going to bat against the IRS, and they quickly got to work on our problem. Ai Ling Shea, CPA was very thorough and overall terrific! They quickly resolved our problems and we even received money back!


IRS/State TRA is the best; we highly recommend them to anyone with any type problem concerning the IRS.


The North's
Business Owners




Tax Debt Reduction, Levy Release and He Got His Like Back!



How is everything going out in the great state of Washington?

Everything with my tax situation is back in order thanks to you. When I first found myself unable to pay the tax that I owed I didn't know what to do let alone what I could do, so just I didn't do anything. I knew I wasn't a bad person; I just wasn't prepared to pay the taxes that I owed. But now that I knew what to expect, I thought I could set aside what would be owed on my next tax return and save up to pay the tax I already owed including the interest and penalties.


I would be lying if I said that I never saw it coming, but by the time the IRS put a levy on bank account, to say I was distraught wouldn't quite describe what I was feeling. The words that come to mind are depressed, anxious, panicked, frightened, helpless and deep feelings of foreboding.


I went out on the internet and pulled up a Google search and "IRS/State Tax Relief Associates" came up in the list with thousands of others. Great! At this I couldn't deal with making decisions, so I said to myself, "I really don't think I have anything to loose..." Then like spinning a roulette wheel and tossing out the ball I clicked on your site. I just picked up the phone, took a deep breath, said a quick prayer and dialed. I was determined to do everything you asked, knowing that if I knew better than you I wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.


Yes, there were times when I doubted, but you have to understand that I was trying to deal with all this while keeping my head above water as I was treading water in a sea of mixed and tumultuous emotions. You must deal with this kind of thing a lot because you were very understanding and patient. You have no idea, (or maybe you do), just how much stress has been lifted off my shoulders. Even I didn't realize the degree to which this disaster was affecting my personal life. I have my "hope in tomorrow" back. I can once again truly enjoy my family and friendships. Even when I go on walks with my wife, our conversations don't revolve around our financial crisis that was stressing out our relationship. We were starting to act like enemies not allies. Now we talk about the kids again, our dreams, our visions. We actually notice and point out the beauty in the countryside around us as we walk along. I know, this all sounds too corny for color TV, but this doesn't even come close to describing the change in our lives thanks to you Ai Ling.


Words just can't do justice so I'll stop trying and just say once more, thank you!


Thomas, W.
High Tech
New York



Reduced Tax Debt And Filed Missing Returns





When the IRS notified me that I owed over $60,000 for failure to file, I did not know where to turn for help. The team at IRS/State Tax Relief Associates handled every detail. Their team of tax professionals completed my past due returns, reduced my debt ... with the IRS and most of all gave me peace of mind . The best thing, I never once had to speak with an IRS agent or employee.

Bill B.

Business Owner Dallas, Texas



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